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Program Schedule

The Word FM Program Schedule (Timmy D.):


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Timmy D.

  • Birthday: June 23

  • Family Status: Wife: Christina (married Aug 24, 1996); sons Timmy & Tobias, and daughters Tessa & Victoria. Is the quiver full yet? Not sure . . . we are interested in adopting possibly! Or having quadruplets

  • Testimony: I am very thankful to have grown up in a Christian home all of my life. My mom & dad surrounded us with family devotions, singing in the home, and as we got older, encouraged us to spend time one-on-one with the Lord -- something I latched onto around age 12. Although there are many great things we can do with the time God gives us, I believe there’s nothing more important than taking time to be with Him. The devil also knows that, which is why I can name a whole list of "legitimate" reasons why I "don’t have time for being with Him." That’s why my one prayer request I listed is to take that time with Him . . . to not live on past time spent with Him, but to enjoy Him in new ways regularly.



Timmy D.

  • Bible Verse(s): Psalm 103; Psalm 139; Philippians 2

  • Artist(s): Tobymac, Eli, Sara Groves (phenomenal songwriter!), Larry Norman, Steve Taylor, KJ-52, Chris Rice and Apologetix

  • Book(s): Can’t read (but like picture books)

  • Food(s): Yes!

  • Ice Cream Flavor: Yes!

  • Lazy Sunday Afternoon Activity: As long a nap as three little kids will allow (about twenty-seven minutes)

  • 70's / 80's TV Show: Phillies baseball (didn’t watch many TV shows but did spend many Saturday afternoons watching the game while working on our baseball card collection). Actually, I take that back. Mom & I also watched a midday block (during summer vacation) while playing Scrabble that included The Munsters and Gomer Pyle!

  • Pizza (can include brand and / or favorite toppings): Pizza Hut Pepperoni!

  • Vacation Spot: Ventnor, N.J. growing up (every summer for ten years); Nowadays, nowhere in particular (we visit family all over the country from time to time)

  • Movie of All Time: Fletch



Timmy D.

  • First Christian Album (you remember buying): "Inside Job" -- Dion

  • First Job: Housepainter (age fourteen in the summer of 1982, working for my brother) . . . in terms of being of legal age, working at Wellspring Christian Bookstore in the Willow Grove Mall in 1988!

  • Your Dream In-studio Guest: Larry Norman -- already happened in 1998!

  • Pet Peeves: Lack of turn signals!

  • Your "Day Job": None. I refuse to work if at all possible!

  • If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island (what 3 CD's would you like to have): Russ Taff’s self-titled CD, Tobymac’s "Momentum" CD and probably one of Keith Green’s "greatest hits"

  • Worst Fear: That a large black bear will emerge from the woods behind my house and seize my patio furniture

  • I Hope Heaven Includes: The complete DVD collection of all eight seasons of "The Practice"

  • Dumbest Thing You Believed As A Child: I’m the baby of five kids. By the time I came around, my parents didn’t have the energy to fool me about anything! :-)

  • How People Can pray For You: Spend consistent time in God’s Word and in prayer! It all flows from there

  • Most Embarrassing Radio Experience: Nothing comes to mind. Every show is stellar! ;-)

  • Anything Else of Interest: I love being in touch with listeners and getting their feedback . . . so e-mail early & often! . . . I love playing softball . . . My wife Christina, my "Brazilian babe," is a true gift from God . . . From 1996-2004 I hosted the morning show on 990 WZZD out of Philadelphia along with our current traffic guy John Butterworth. Some of you who listen to the Word FM were able to listen to that show as well. In April 2004 the station changed its format, and although I was offered a very good job with the company, I decided to pursue things with the Word FM and see if continuing the on-air radio ministry I'd come to love so much would be in God's plan. The first month or two I more or less "hung out" in the studio with station manager Dave Baker as both of us wanted to test the waters and see if we had a match, so to speak. Initially, things went pretty well, but there were some listeners who weren't quite sure what to make of me! Although I felt confident we could all get along well in time, I found myself praying on the way to work the morning of June 2, 2004, asking the Lord to confirm one way or the other whether I should continue transitioning to The WORD-FM.

    By the end of the show (in just three hours), seventy people emailed . . . and everyone was very encouraging and welcoming -- just a testimony to God answering my prayer from earlier that morning to affirm that yes, you belong at the Word FM at this time while helping me gain a better understanding of the audience. Honestly, I had heard I might be getting myself into quite a conservative area that wanted things more straight-ahead and not really into kidding around (which is O.K.) . . . but I must admit I was excited to see in those initial e-mails and the thousands since that the Word FM audience can handle laughing and joking around while being balanced enough to be serious at times too.

    Since then, we have had the privilege of adding Heather Hoover, John Butterworth and have gotten to know the audience much more via thousands of calls and e-mails. Keep 'em coming and thanks for being YOU!

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